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Peerguess is designed with gamification experience. We decided to add gamification principles to the watcher and portfolio management applications, in which you can guess the next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided or purchased.

Exchanges you can find GUESS

From individuals to an ecosystem, the power of the peerguess platform comes from creating a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. While users play with Gems and make guesses, these guesses will create a community thought, and as an output, you will be able to see what the community thinks about Bitcoin’s (or any other altcoin) value in the next 24 hours. As a result, the predictions of your own portfolio along with the whole cryptocurrency world will be visible to you.



Key Features


With all-in-one structure of the application, users are able to get what they need without dealing with several applications. Our useful platform meets all the requirements and needs of the users.


Thanks to the gamification feature, users who make successful guesses will be earning gems. Gems can be converted to GUESS tokens and GUESS can be converted to BTC, ETH etc. on the exchanges.


You will never miss a major market trend! With our advanced alert system, you can fully customize price alerts so you won’t miss your targeted crypto prices.   


With our portfolio management system, you are in the driver seat. Provide the details when creating your portfolio and then enjoy your watching. When you click on a holding, you will be able to see detailed situation of your position with its previous data.  


You will act fast with Peerguess. You won’t lose time when you’re away from your computer. Experience the best form of price analysis with detailed wide screen price charts that you can pick from different exchanges in our platform.


Our users can display guess analytics in our iOS or Android applications. This will help you understand the trend of the crypto market and you will make accurate predictions in your personal crypto trading.


Peerguess concept is created on the decissions and behaiors of the community. This brings more realistic results without getting affected by bots. All the guesses made on our mobile application are geniune.


Unlike the majority of other projects, Peerguess is for the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain community. Other projects are generally created for specific fields and they can’t be adopted by the entire cryptocurrency community, but, our project targets everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This will let us achieve the mass adoption in the future much more easily.

Why Us?

Unique Data Analysis Modules

Cumulative Guess Analytics (CGA) :

  • Process the Gem play data obtained from our users.
  • Serve as the general opinion of the community.
  • Show the actual guesses i.e. 75% of peerguess users believe that BTC/USD will increase in the next 24h.

Recommendation Engine (RE) :

  • Display a list of cryptocurrencies for users who predict both a cryptocurrency and another currency (like e-commerce recommendations).
  • Recommend currencies based on your prediction history and your segmentation.

Unseen technology

Auto-Trade (AT) :

  • Use the historical success rates and many other indicators to create triggers and parameters from the application and make trades on your chosen exchange/platform.
  • Allow you to use it in many exchange platforms that are available.

Stigmergic Quantitative Data (SQD) :

  • Be based on Positive and Negative Guesses made, which can be filtered by Country, Time Zone, Language and many more data fields.
  • Assist you to understand the different dynamics on cryptocurrency world in this manner.


Many popular crypto & blockchain publishing


  • Top Cryptocurrency List
  • Advanced Price Charts
  • Detailed Order Book
  • Trade History

Portfolio Manager

  • 24H Price Changes
  • BUY & SELL Price History
  • Trade Date & Quantity
  • Total Holding Value

Alert Manager

  • Persistent or 1 Time Notify Alert
  • Exchange Oriented Alerts
  • Silence Alert Mode

Unique features

  • GUESS Performance Tool
  • GUESS Analytics Tool
  • Gamification Experience


Words from blockchain gurus
    IT Operations Manager of NETMARBLE company

    It was definitely hard and challenging to open my trade positions blindly in this hard ecosystem, then I met with Peerguess. It allowed me to display the opinion of the community about price moves. As a whole, these predictions are more than useful for me when making crypto trade decissions.

  • Semra TOROS
    Crypto Expert

    I would highly recommend that you adopt the application. The reason is obvious, you will always feel comfortable with sophisticated results provided in the Peerguess app. I also make guesses inside the app because many heads are in general better than one. Peerguess has become my personal asistant for my coin trading job.


the process of our peerguess application

Concept and Idea Development

Q2 2017


Q4 2017


Q1 2018


Q2 2018


Q3 2018


Q3 2018

Portfolio enhancement, Multi Language Support

Q4 2018

Projected Features

Q4 2018
Q2 2017

Idea development

Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency world checks the price of the currencies through an application, usually Coin Ticker, Blockfolio or similar. While none of these applications provide accurate information on what to invest, they merely allow to track the market status or your portfolio value.

We also know that almost everyone in the community (whether a crypto trader, a miner, a small investor or a big whale) spends endless time, experience, and even luck to look up for investment hints and clues from resources such as blogs, twitter, slack communities, troll boxes and

We thought about one solution to kill two birds with one stone, we thought about peerguess.

Q4 2017


The initial coin offering (ICO) of Peerguess project was held in Q4 2017. Our token sale has been successfully completed with 1842 ETH raised as a result. Blockchain and cryptocurrency supporters contributed our token sale from all around the world. This was also nice to build a strong community for the project. 

Q1 2018


In February 2017, Peerguess released its iOS app globally in App Store. Rather than ICOs selling only their raw ideas, Peerguess came up with a working iOS app. This gave us an opportunity to collect feedback from the users for the further development of our applications.

Q2 2018


GUESS, the ERC20 token of Peerguess project, was listed on several exchanges including Yobit, Idex, TokenStore, Forkdelta, MacroExchange. Getting listed on bigger exchanges is another important target for us. 

Q3 2018


The new website launch of Peerguess consists of two phases.

The first phase is the release of our new website with totally new elegant design for the best visitor experience.

The second phase of the website launch will contain sign up module and conversion module which is very significant for our application users.

Q3 2018


For the Andriod app, we have already started testing it. It’s in progress now. After the successful launch of Peerguess Android platform, we will aim for a good level of user user acquisition. The successfull release of our Android app will be a milestone for us. Then, we can expect a sharp increase in the adoption of our Android application.

Q4 2018

Portfolio enhancements, Language Support

As known, the development in Peerguess platforms never stop. With newly added features, the portfolio management will be enhanced.

Peerguess platforms will have multi language support to reach the entire cryptocurrency community.

Q4 2018

Projected Features

At the end of year, we will publish our detailed roadmap for 2019. Depending on the feedback we received from our users, our applications will be updated and new requests will be considered to develop our applications in the best way.

Management team




Co Founder & COO



Mert Çavdar

Community Manager

Development Team


Backend Developer


Mobile Developer

Gülsen KONUK

Backend Developer

Said Gudratli

Frontend Developer


We believe that every member of Peerguess community should consider reading our White Paper. Along our official channels, the white paper is the most reliable source for Peerguess community and anyone wondering the project.

We also believe that the audience of our project is the entire cryptocurrency community and therefore, we think that every member of the community, either a newbie investor or a seasoned miner should consider reading this White Paper.


What is Peerguess?

Peerguess is a free application to track cryptocurrencies from various exchanges, create portfolio and alerts. To become a game changer in the cryptocurrency world, peerguess is designed with gamification experience. In Peerguess app, you can guess the next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided, earned or purchased. These guesses will create a community thought as an output by getting utilized by our data modules after collected from the users.

What is the story behind the concept?

Nowadays, almost everyone in the cryptocurrency sector checks the price of the
currencies through an application. These applications allow you to display your portfolio status only. Peerguess will provide accurate information on what to invest by gathering mass data from the community. Our users will be able to see the general cryptocurrency trend. This is vital for each and every crypto trader, miner, investor and holder.

What unique features are presented in Peerguess?

With the gamification experience of the platform, Peerguess allows you to make guesses even if you don’t have any cryptocurrency at the moment. This gamification method is a unique way of collecting data from the users to utilize it and provide a result accordingly. These results will be showing the general behavior of the global crypto market participants. This gamification method has never been used before. We will process the data collected thanks to the gamification method.


From the very first beginning of Peerguess project, we are always in close contact with crypto community and Peerguess project adopters. Since the core idea of our project is directly linked to community guesses and decissions, reaching crowds is one of our main goals in long term. To achieve this, our team members started to attend many Blockchain events and conferences to reach more people as much as possible. In the events we attended, we present our project to cryptocurrency community and we aim to get more people in the project. With the release of our Android app, we will start intense marketing to attract more people so our applications will be downloaded in an increasing rate. Marketing team is now working on the possible strategies. Thus, we will end up in a better position in terms of the use of our app.

How to begin with Peerguess app?

To begin with, users will set the amount of Gem they want to play with and they will click on Up or Down buttons through our application. For instance, let’s assume that the price of Ethereum is $600 at the moment. Users will decide whether or not the price of Ethereum will be higher/lower than $600. All these guesses made by the users will result in a useful collective data. Then our data analysis modules will provide these results to the community so that they will be able to make easier trading decissions.

How to download Peerguess app?

Peerguess iOS app has been launched on App Store globally in February 2018. So you can download and start using our iOS app by clicking here. It’s free! Our Android app is still under development and it will be ready out there by the end of August 2018. We are fully aware of the fact that there are thousands of Android users in our community and our developers are doing their best to release our Android app as early as possible.

What are GUESS token and Gems?

GUESS is the official ERC20 token of Peerguess project that runs on Ethereum blockchain. From the very beginning of the project concept, we adopted Ethereum infrastructure and we initiated our smart contract on Ethereum blockchain. GUESS is transferable and people can trade it on cryptocurrency exchanges. As of now, GUESS is listed on 5 different exchanges: Yobit, Idex, Forkdelta, TokenStore, MacroExchange.

Gems are used to make guesses in Peerguess application. They are presented as in-app meta and you can buy gems via our iOS and Android applications. When a user registered in Peerguess app, 100 Gems are credited to that account for free. Every 24 hours, we check the Gem balances and deposit 10 Gems to the users with zero Gem balance as a gift. This way, everyone will be able to participate.

With Peerguess web application, our users will be able to perform conversion between GUESS token and Gems. Gems can be converted to GUESS and vice versa is also valid. Users make accurate guesses will be able to earn Gems and convert it to GUESS which is a real-life value available on crypto exchanges.

Wıll guess token get lısted on greater exchanges?

As you know, GUESS token is listed on 5 different exchanges at the moment. These exchanges are Yobit, Idex, TokenStore, MacroExchange and Forkdelta. However, we have been in contact with many more greater exchanges as of now. Eventually, GUESS token will get listed on greater exchanges for sure, this is also a big goal for us, but, we are fully focussed on our Android release now. After our Android release, we will get even stronger in the market. Thus, it will be much more easier for us to deal with greater exchanges. Please consider this as a progress, getting listed on greater exchanges doesn’t occur instantly. It’s a matter of time, just like the development in our product.