Exchanges you can find GUESS tokens

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Our RoadMap

  • 2017-12 Ports: iPhone
    Modules: Cumulative Guess Analytics
  • 2018-01/03 Major: GUESS token available on markets (Yobit, IDEX, Fork Delta, Macro Exchange, Token Store)
    Major: GUESS token is listed on CoinMarketCap
  • 2018-03/05 Major: Testing phase
  • 2018-06 Minor: New website will be ready
  • 2018-08 Ports: Android
    Major: Convert Gems to Tokens, Tokens to Gems
    Major: More Exchanges: Yobit, Binance, HitBTC, Kucoin, 1 more TBD
  • 2018-11 Ports: Web
    Sections: Hall of Fame (Best Guessers), News, Achievements
    Minor: Portfolio enhancements, Refer a friend, Language Support
  • 2019-Q1 Ports: Tablet support and Widgets Sections: Follow Users Modules: Themes, Stigmergic Quantitative Data
  • 2019-Q2 Sections: Create guess coupons, Top Coupons Modules: Recommendation Engine
  • 2019-Q3 Modules: Auto-Trade

Management Team

Seyit Özgür
Mert Çavdar
Community Manager

Development Team

Jaya Gehani
Project Manager
Mangesh Vyas
Mobile Developer
Subhash Patidar
UIX Designer
Kapil Prajapati
QA Engineer